About Us

ez CARE understands the change in healthcare and how consumers relate to their health. It is personal, informed, and proactive

Consumers are shifting towards skin-specific products due to a better understanding of their skin conditions. To cope with this evolution, ez CARE as a brand acts like health is a journey, not a state, through which every one of our customers’ actions is a vital insight into a better future.

This “always-on” understanding of consumers necessitates anticipating their needs and what aspects of their experiences are most valuable to them.

In short, the continual cycle of change and insights fuel the perfect opportunity for a brand that recognizes the simple needs of skincare of our consumers and offers the best solutions for each one depending on their skin type.

ez CARE is a prestigious skin care brand of face & body moisturizers and cleansers. It is Made in Avalon Pharma, the Saudi experts in dermatology.

It is a brand beyond the product.

It is an accessible and innovative brand that simply understands what you need. ez CARE is a "caretaker" and offers you a range of personal products that will keep your body happy, healthy, and looking great.

It is a brand that simply cares about your personal care.